Doubt Clearance Cell

"One more step towards excellence"

In our constant endeavour to provide the best for our students, we have taken one more step towards excellence by setting up the "Doubt Clearance Cell".

The Doubt Clearance Cell is the best way to answer all queries and clear up doubts of the students. It is run by senior faculty member, who are available to guide students on all working days.

Have you ever thought, some people qualify CSIR/UGC-NET exam in very 1st attempt but some people attempt twice or thrice but fails to do so and thus are pursuing doctorate without JRF. Where fault lies?

CSIR searches two kinds of scholars; Researchers and Academicians, who analyze subjects scientifically and develop a coherent innovative temperament. CSIR conducts NET examination in these lines and expects from students to write a concise, relevent and scientific answer, which most of people lack.

Institute of Advance Studies (IFAS), the name itself is self explanatory, where we guide how to inculcate scientific thinking and mode of answer writing; provide right perspective of subject and proper strategy to qualify not only CSIR­UGC/NET examination but also various entrance examina­tions conducted by leading scientific institutions in India & abroad.

Being in this field since last few years there are many myths prevailing among students. I would like to share some of them with you.

Myth : Cut off for CSIR JRF and NET is too high.
Reality : Generally the cut off for CSIR NET JRF ranges from 43-48 % while that of CSIR NET ranges from 38 to 43.
Myth : NET is too tough and highly competitive.
Reality : Statistics shows 50%, of the result is in the favour of M.Sc appearing candidates.It becomes tougher after that. Total appeared candidate to final selection ratio is 30: 1.
Myth : Cramming help to qualify examination.
Reality : This is not a University examination. CSIR wants scientist; your answers have to be innovative
Myth : Syllabus is too lengthy.
Reality : No doubt we have to cover every tit-bit of mentioned syllabus for fetching good rank but even by attempting 50% of the question one could get through examination comfortably which is easily possible by covering 50 to 55% of the syllabus, by properly selecting mark fetching topics.
Myth : Self study is sufficient in clearing JRF.
Reality : It might be true for Central Universities students and some extra ordinary students like you. But, in general, reality most of people find difficulties while collecting, comprehen­sive and relevant study materials. Right approach is a distant dream.

We clear all such myths and try to analyze the previous exams question paper and help student to prepare in Right direction.

Wishing you a successful career in the field of research and academic.


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